The Week One Catch Up

Ok, so, technically, I started doing this a week ago and I think I will start out by showing my before photos and giving my deets. I took photos two weeks ago so I will use those ones here since nothing had changed that much since 3 May.


This is me on 3 May 2017.

My weight on 11 May: 80.9kg

This was scary for me. Really scary. I have never been more than 77-78kg and I had put on weight quickly. At the same time, I had started changing my eating and had increased my weight training. My measurements were as noted on the photo.

Side note: Mind the messy bedroom 😂. One thing I hate seeing in before photos is messy backgrounds. The photographer in me screams ‘wwwhhhhhyyy?!’…. anyway, back to it.

How’d Week One IF go?

Um… it was easy and then hard. Intermittent fasting is easy to start but it does take some getting used to. I have decided to do 12pm – 8pm as a feeding window since this fits my normal eating patterns. I am not really used to having breakfast.

Here are some of the issues I have faced in the last week:

  1. Hitting My Macros – While I am using IIFYM (if it fits your macros) to calculate my macros, which means I have a calculated number of macros that I need to hit each day to lose weight but I can eat anything as long as it fits my macros, I also need to factor in that when I am doing heavy weight training, like leg day pressing up to 80-100kg, I need to increase my carbs on those days. Protein is the hardest to hit sometimes. The takeaway is to eat most of my protein first. That way I am not trying to hit my protein last without being able to stay under my carbs.img_4699
  2. Carbs, Carbs and More Carbs – The issue that I have been having most difficulty with is eating less carbs. I love carbs. Not just some of them. All of them. In retrospect, I notice that I eat carbs when I am confused about what I should eat and have not prepared. So the takeaway from the week is to be prepared and plan my food in advance.
  3. Hungry at 11:00am – I don’t know why, but I get hungry between 11am – 11:30am each day. One way I can think of taking control of it is to stop eating at 7-7:30pm. While eating from 12pm onwards is ideal, it really doesn’t work for me since I have a habit of eating at 11am already in place.
  4. Tracking Everything – It’s important to track your food and, as I have just discovered, it is best to eat low carb (no carb is not good for you), low fat and moderate protein. As I mentioned, I have a calculated number of carbs, protein and fats to eat from the IIFYM macro calculator but I have decided to adjust these slightly to still maintain the number of calories to bring about a deficit. I keep overeating carbs and so I am making the necessary adjustment to hit my protein earlier on and allowing the carbs to get filled in later in the day.

What Have I Been Eating?

All sorts. As long as it fits my macros. The things that I eat that don’t fit my macros well are: Bread, bread and oats. Oats is a hard habit to break. I love oats, so I have decided to eat oats on the days I do heavy leg training. I have found a high protein milk and greek yoghurt that is low in carbs and fats. Chobani greek yoghurt and The Complete Dairy Company now do a milk that is 15g protein per 250ml.

Training Plan

My current training plan goes like this:

  • Monday – Weight Training / Lower Body & Cardio
  • Tuesday – Weight Training / Upper Body & Cardio
  • Wednesday – Rest Day
  • Thursday – Weight Training / Lower Body & Cardio
  • Friday – Weight Training / Upper Body & Cardio
  • Saturday – Weight Training / Full Body & Cardio

In all seriousness, I need to decrease body fat. My body fat percentage is at 34.5% which is not good for my height. It’s hard to tell the difference between my muscle and fat. I am stronger but I need to drop fat to see the development. I can feel that my legs are bulkier but because of the body fat, I can’t see the definition.

Due to some issues with my internal wound healing and scar granulation after my hysterectomy, I have to dial back the weight training and focus on cardio and bodyweight training instead of compound free weights. Heavy weight causes pressure in the abdomen and while the muscle is strengthened, the scar is weakened, it stretches the scar and causes it to tear and bleed. After a heavy training day, I end up with bleeding so under the doctor’s instructions, I am switching out weight training for body weight training and cardio for fat loss. At least for the next three months.

So, week one has gone ok so far. It is more of an adjustment week than anything, getting used to IF and IIFYM, changing my training regimen under the doctor’s instructions and coming up with a training program that fits my life styles changes, which I will detail in another post. I will post up my pictures for this week in the next post.

Thanks for hanging out with me, hope you enjoyed the read and I’ll catch you in the next update!


Shareena xo


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