Week 2 Update

The Updateimg_4745

Week 2! So far so good! I’ve made an effort to stick closer to my eating time frames this week and after trying out some personal training and my gym reopening after renovations, it’s time to get seriously serious about my routine, and so without further delay, here is my update for Week 2!

IF & IIFYM Update

What I realised, probably around Day 10, was that once you get used to doing IF, your appetite changes. I do get hungry sometimes in the morning but my appetite during my eating window has decreased. This has really helped me not to overdo the carbs. I don’t really crave much in the way of sweets. I like having fruit puree (I can’t eat raw fruit or veggies because of OAS) and I like having a greek yoghurt for dessert. There have been nights where I have fitted in apple crumble with cream and custard, but that’s generally only once or I have had a Coke Zero ice cream soda with 40g of ice cream.

I am still eating whatever fits my macros but I am trying to make sure that whatever I eat, it’s made by me or something basic like chicken schnitzel or vegetables. I am thinking about getting some bought meals for a short time to reach my goals and get to a maintenance state and so I can get a good idea of what I can make myself and stop the meals.

I’ve wanted to drink more water and I feel lighter in my body. I’m not too phased by not shredding weight quickly but I do need to tighten up my diet a little more.

Today I ended up fasting 18 hours, not intentionally but because I had eaten before training. Technically, I had fasted 16 hours because I came home after training and had a protein shake.

Body Update

I am feeling lighter in my body and I can feel it when I have water retention. I noticed that last week I was craving really badly and had headaches but I also realised that I was ovulating, which is something I am not too used to because before my hysterectomy, I didn’t know when that was. My belly is a bit more swollen that I would like it to be but it’s going to take time because I am still experiencing some issues post surgery.

Measurements to date:

  • Body Fat: 33.7% – <4%
  • Weight: 78.8kg – >1.1kg
  • Muscle: 39.3% – >1.3%
  • Waist: 82cm – <1cm
  • Hip: 104cm – new measurement (20cm below the waist)
  • Seat: 112cm – >1cm

Also noticed that when I am low on water, I have even more headaches. I’ve noticed that I have lost weight in my bust. Obviously, breast tissue is mostly fat and this is where I usually lose weight first.

Training Update

Last night, I had my first personal training session. A bit of a ‘try before you buy’ type session with our gym PT, Max. I completed 25 minutes of intense cardio doing kick boxing sparring. Man… I love it. I haven’t done anything like that before and I felt amazing afterwards. I felt like I had burnt all kinds of fat of my body! So, I am booked in for Monday’s but might kick it up to twice a week and get some Thursday’s in as well for 6 weeks. One of the exercises I need to cut back is lat pulldown. I pulled 80lb/36kg and realised I shouldn’t have lifted that heavy. Not yet anyway. I am going back to training 5 days a week.

Monday – evening – PT session plus weights
Tuesday – evening – weights
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – evening – weights and cardio (possible PT session)
Friday – evening – weights
Saturday – morning – cardio
Sunday – rest

Overall, it’s been a good week. I feel like my nutrition is starting to level out, that I am beginning to go down from the weight that I was and that my body is beginning to recompose fat and muscle. I still need to be careful about how much weight I lift until I have the all clear from the surgeon, which won’t be for around another 3 months.


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